Course for Photovoltaic Systems Installers

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Corso per installatori e manutentori di impianti fv




  • Photovoltaic systems: characteristics, applications, types of systems, costs.
  • Solar radiation, manufacturability of the plants, evaluation of losses.
  • Support structures on building for PV plants.
  • Practical Test on installation system and anchorage devices
  • Information about security installations: Personal protective equipment, horizontal anchorage devices & LiveLines, atmospheric discharge.
  • Installation and certification of Horizontal Anchorage & LiveLines devices.
  • Constructor certification.
  • Planner certification.
  • Plant conformity statement.


  • System design and selection of components: modules, strings, inverters.
  • Control and power conversion.
  • Connection to the electricity grid, interface devices and protections.
  • Criteria for the design of electrical installations: choice of modules, inverter and system configuration.
  • Documentation of the project: technical report and graphic.
  • Prevention of fire and regulations.
  • The Financial Analysis, the economic plan, the payback time for the investment and the credit access.
  • Tutorial: simulation of a financial system.


  • Interpretation of date-sheet modules, inverters and interface protections.
  • Selection and dimensioning cables and panels.
  • Description of photovoltaic projects of small and large size: analysis of the components used and implant engineering solutions.
  • Photovoltaic systems protection and DC surge from lightning protection techniques and choice of components.


  • Tutorial: special issues and answers.
  • Installation and Commissioning.
  • Technical checks – functional.
  • Monitoring and reporting data.
  • Faults in Photovoltaic systems: resolution.